View Full Version : Error 1301. Advise needed

11-24-2003, 10:32 AM

I’m not experienced in InstallShield, so I need some help :confused: .
My installation do raise the error 1301 (Cannot create the file [3]. A directory with this name already exists. Cancel the installation and try installing to a different location.) on few computers.
I tried to play with system/folder settings on my PC but did not managed to get the error.
As far as I understand installshield don’t cares if I already have a folder or not.
In my OnFirstUIBefore I do use the following code to install necessary files:

FeatureSetTarget (MEDIA, "LSX", svLotusDir+"\\Lsx\\");
FeatureSetTarget (MEDIA, "SYSTEM",svWinNTDir+"\\System\\");

The trick is that I don’t use in any place of installscript nResult=FeatureMoveData (MEDIA, nvDisk, 0); and installation works fine. If I insert this code - total error occurs. That’s why I can not handle the error.

Can someone advise me why this error can be raised or how to handle it.