View Full Version : Error 1904. Module c:\...\DAO360.dll failed to register.

11-21-2003, 05:25 AM
I've been browsing around the Installshield community site trying to find out more about this error and even after reading numerous threads, noone seems to have come up with a definitive solution or workaround.

The product being installed is a Win32 client that makes heavy use of database connections and is written in Powerbuilder. The installer works across numerous versions of Windows without a problem, except for a single WinXP machine which reports the following during installation:

Error 1904. Module c:\WINNT\system32\DAO360.dll failed to register. HRESULT.
Contact your support personnel.

Then the same message for DAO350.DLL.

These are non-fatal errors and installation continues without any further problems, and the installed program works fine, too.

Having realised it's something to do with self-registration after reading some posts on this community site, we tried a number of things on this machine. We tried registering the DLLs using regsvr32 and they registered without any problems from the command line. We tried un-registering the DLLs and letting the installer have another go - same problem occurs.

I used Dependancy Walker (http://www.dependencywalker.com/) and took a look on what the DLLs were dependant on but all the necessary DLLs were already present on the machine as they're included in Office 2000 that had been installed previously.

I'm not a Win32 developer myself, I'm just responsible for the installer at the moment so I don't fully understand the self-registering issue or the related issues of some of the 'solutions' mentioned elsewhere in the forums (such as COM extract at build.)

This probably seems trivial as it's only affecting one machine (but if one displays this problem, many might) and it's a non-fatal error, but my QA department want to know more about it and any possible solutions - so any help is greatly appreciated!


02-02-2004, 01:26 AM

I a just wondering whether you could reach the solution to this problem! In case, it is YES, do you mind sharing it??

Thank you in advance.