View Full Version : Path too long error for install to XP substitute drive

11-20-2003, 03:10 AM

I'm stumped by a problem I'm having when installing to a mapped drive.

The environment where the problem occurs and the error message are as follows:

Windows XP
Create folder c:\DriveV
subst v: C:\DriveV

Run Installshield 7.04 standard installation.
Choose to install to v:\w97

Error message displayed:
"Error 1320. The specified path is too long v:\w97."

Now, this problem only seems to occur on XP. I've run the installation on windows 98 and 2000 with similar
conditions and it runs without problems.

Any ideas/suggestions?


03-25-2004, 10:16 AM
I have the same problem. It appears only under WinXP and only if destination folder points to the drive which was created by "subst" command (virtual drive).

Also, another product installs successfully into virtual drive, but uninstallation is interrupted by message "Error 1315. Unable to write to the specified folder Z:\....."

Any ideas, suggestions?

12-30-2010, 04:06 PM
I had the similiar problem and finally I found solution: