View Full Version : "Could not find file" for files that are not in the release + very strange IS bug

11-17-2003, 09:38 AM
Hello all,

I have a project with 2 releases, each using a different (single) release flag, 'client' and 'server'.

Up until recently I had no problems building both releases, but then I've added a bunch of files, which exist only on the machine we use to build the 'server' release (and ofcourse, they were added to a feature flagged with 'server' only).

I was surprised to see that when building the 'client' release, I got an error "could not find files" for these new files!

After alot of research, I found out the situation is much wierder: if, on the 'client' building machine, I merely create the DIRECTORIES in which the new files reside, the errors are gone !
That's right - the files are still not there, only the directories they should be in, but it was enough to eliminate the errors !

This problem is quite easy to reproduce. Can anyone provide an explanation, and perhaps a better solution than creating the directories ?

Thanks in advance!