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11-14-2003, 11:16 AM
I am getting the above error when I try to uninstall my application from the client machine. The dlls that it can't uninstall are ones that I told to self-register and yet they are listed differently in my files and folders.

Default component - my app, reports, help files and mdb file

SelfRegFiles - several of my crystal report dlls

SelfRegFiles - mfc42.dll

files - several of my crystal report dlls. in my component view I selected self-register.

files1 - msvcp60 and msvcrt.dll. I also selected self-register for these.

Why do some show up in SelfReg and others in just files?

11-14-2003, 06:50 PM
I had a similar problem

In addition to self-register, set Shared COM object to Yes
That way, if you have a COM object that is used by several other COM objects, there is a reference count created and the subordinate COM object does not disappear until the ref count is zero on uninstall.