View Full Version : Attach an Icon to a button?

11-12-2003, 11:35 AM
How come when I create an Icon, I can attach an .ICO file to it, and DevStudio saves it as a resource. But when I set a push button as an icon and select an .ICO file as the image, it doesn't, and I get a blank button?

11-12-2003, 01:37 PM

The problem is that the build is generating a resource DLL, which don't support bitmap buttons. We have a dialog that does this called SdOptionsButtons. If you look at dialog 12026 of _isres.dll in a resource editor, you'll see that the buttons do not have bitmaps on them. At runtime, the script puts the bitmaps on the buttons.

I would suggest that you try SdOptionsButtons or that you look to it as an example of how to do this.

FYI, I created WO 1-H00HH, which says we need to find a way to expose this in the dialog editor so it is less confusing.