View Full Version : MSDE 2000 install failes in win98 and NT4

11-10-2003, 10:52 AM
I am trying to install MSDE 2000 in my setup. I use the InstallScript MSDE2000 object.
It should work on most OS's but not on Win95. This is not really a problem, but it should work on Win98. Unfortunately I get an internal error 2737 when SQL Server Desktop engine is installing.

Also, on Windows NT 4, I get a window saying I should close the installer (installshield) before starting msde setup.

I have just found out that the standalone MSDE2000 SP3a doesn't work either.

I will try SP2, maybe that will work.

11-10-2003, 12:05 PM
I tried installing MDAC 2.8 and now it works!
I think MDAC 2.7 will work as well, so you can use the MDAC 2.7 Object.

11-11-2003, 06:14 AM
Okay, another problem arises.
I included the MDAC 2.7 object in my setup.
Now, both MSDE 2000 and MDAC 2.7, should install at OnMoved, but... I NEED to make sure MDAC 2.7 is installed BEFORE MSDE 2000.

Can I do this, and how?