View Full Version : Merge Modules Fail to Deliver

11-10-2003, 08:37 AM
I have an InstallShield DevStudio 9 (InstallScript) project that I have included a combination of Merge Modules and InstallShield objects (in this order):

1. MSI 2.0 Engine (InstallShield Object)
2. Microsoft C Runtime Library 7.1 (Merge Module)
3. MFC 7.1 (Merge Module)
4. VB6 Runtime (InstallShield Object)

#2 & #3 are delivered to [WINSYSDIR]

I've made #1 a Required Feature for #2 & #3, and #2-#4 are required by a later Feature.

When I run the install on a Windows-2000 SP3 system, these MM\Objects do not deliver. Per the help file, I have included the MSI Engine prior to the other Merge Modules in the Feature List, and I have placed each merge module in its own feature.

I've placed MessageBoxes in the "Installing" and "Installed" events for the Features and none fired. The features are included and show up in the Report as having been included.

I'm out of tricks -- any ideas anyone???