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11-06-2003, 01:21 PM
Windows 2000
MSI package contains the following:

- Setup files of a program that was packaged with Installshield 3.0.10
-Custom Action that runs after setup files are placed on the machine by the MSI:

C:\Program Files\AppName\Setup.exe -s -SMS

- Setup.iss file also is located in the directory above

- Custom Action that runs ONLY on uninstall, and is placed right after the InstallValidate action.

C:\WINNT\uninst.exe -y -x -a -fC:\WINNT\DeIsL1.isu -cC:\PROGRA~1\AppDir\insapi32.dll


Package Deploys through ACTIVE DIRECTORY using Maximum Interface.
Silent install of the IS file ran. No problems.


Removed package from the user's OU.


User tries to logon on to machine, and the logon just hangs while trying to uninstall.

Reason: There is a dialog box that pops up at the END of the SILENT uninstall asking a Yes/No question of whether to uninstall or not.

Since the uninstall of packages in an AD environment is done silently and before explorer actually initiates, there is no way a user can see that dialog box. All they just see is an progress bar stating it's uninstalling the package stuck in an infinite loop.

I have read through many of the forums here and have not found a solution to this.

Here are responses to the following suggestions I have received:

Setting the REBOOT property to REALLYSUPPRESS in my MSI is NOT the solution. And for the record it is placed in there for initial reboot of the package.

Running the package with MSIEXEC /QN is also NOT a solution since this run through AD.

Removing the -X from the command line was a good suggestion, but as it turns out, it only works for IS apps that are 4.0 and above?


Does anyone have any ideas on how to suppress that Reboot prompt dialog box at the end of a silent uninstall of an IS 3.0 package?