View Full Version : skip LaunchCondition when uninstalling

11-05-2003, 01:05 PM
i set up some LaunchConditions via systemsearch.

systemsearch fills the property SETUPREQUIREMENT_A
launchcondition is: (SETUPREQUIREMENT_A<>"")

now, when hitting "remove" at add/remove programs the uninstallation aborts because of the launchcondition.

how would you skip the launchcondition when in uninstall mode?
the scenarios are:

ARP (add/remove programs): hit "remove"
msiexec /x
setup.exe /x

maybe launchconditions should be something like:

but i seriously doubt the following:
- is the property REMOVE="ALL" set prior to evaluating LaunchConditions
- do all the scenarios listed above populate the REMOVE property?

cheers, graven (ISDev 7.04, basic MSI)

11-05-2003, 02:26 PM
Clicking Remove button in ARP, running setup with /x switch will skip UI sequence.

In your Execute sequence, make sure AppSearch action comes before LaunchCondition action. Also, make sure the sequence number for AppSearch action isn't 0 (zero) after the move.

You can also put a condition on LaunchCondition action, such as,
Not Installed

Note that if the product is removed by setting its top feature to absent, the REMOVE property may not equal ALL until after the InstallValidate action.