View Full Version : Invisible IS Dialogues??

10-31-2003, 06:43 AM

with the current version of our App we encounter a strange problem at two customer machines (both W2k):

Project is made with German ISDev 7.04, StandardProject.

They start setup.exe from CD, and the initialization dialogue appears. After that, AcrobatReader is starting with a booklet.pdf file from CD. This is launched from OnAppSearch-Event in my script with LaunchAppAndWait. After this nothing else happens. A little bit of HD activity and then silence. There's nothing minimized in TaskBar and in TaskManager they cannot see the installation task in the Application-Tab, but in Process-Tab, they can find two msiexec.exe processes. One can be killed, the other not. A shutdown of the machine is not possible anymore, because of a busy process. Only way out is a hard reset of the machine.

To be sure that there are no problems with AcrobatReader, I asked them to uninstall AR and run setup again, but with no changes (of course, booklet.pdf is not shown anymore...).

In both created log-files there are no error messages. One log ends with the same line, as on my machine, while SdWelcome dialogue is shown (1: Ready to launch program block.), the other quite early with '1: Extract supporting files '.

To be sure that it's not related to my project, I created a Test-StandardProject with no files included, but all Script-Events created with a line: MessageBox("In Event XXYY", INFORMATION);
Same procedure with this test setup: initialization window appears, but neither a MessageBox nor the SdWelcome screen...

I also asked them to run isscript.msi from CD manually and to re-register idriver.exe and msiexec.exe with the /regserver switch. No changes.

What can be wrong on their machines, that the IS dialogues are apparently invisible or not shown?

Thanx for any ideas,