View Full Version : Hiding dialog after & remove init dialog

10-30-2003, 07:49 AM
Hi !

I have 2 problems :

1- I have 1 main setup that launch, depending on the user's choice, 2 other setup. After the selection of the user, it launch the other setup and when it's finish get back to the original setup. The problem is I got the previous dialog (Setup Type) few seconds before the next operation start. How can I hide or close this dialog ?!?

2- I had IS 7.01 and I decide to install 7.04. It automatically change the final dialog for SdFinishUpdate. The application has no relation with Internet and I don't want this dialog. How can I change this dialog when SdFinishUpdate is not selected in Dialogs ?!? I try to add SdFinish but doesn't work.

Thank you !