View Full Version : smart cdrom starter

10-30-2003, 03:37 AM
Hi all,
I am creating a game cd and I need to create a smart cd starter.
the idea is that when the user puts the cd in the cdrom drive the cd will autostart (that I know how to do..) to the setup, and the setup will check if the application is installed or not. if it is not installed, the install will start. if it is installed, the application itself should start from the hard drive.

Ive created a program that does this in vb, but unfortunately I ran into the problem of missing dll files on win98, so I would like to add the check into the setup itself. I would also like the setup not to show any screens at all if the app is already installed.
so my question is:
how so I check if my application is already installed, and how do i make it so that no installer screens appears in this case..