View Full Version : Bug: DevStudio9 cannot upgrade ASP.NET apps

10-29-2003, 10:50 AM
Hi all,
My problem is minor upgrading ASP.NET apps. I'm using the VS.NET add-in version of DevStudio. I have added ASP.NET content output to a component. I then added a minor upgrade item. When I try to build the upgrade setup I get a lot of Val0006 errors.

It looks like DevStudio is wrapping each file in the content output with a component and when validating the minor upgrade it can't find these auto-generated components.

Nothing has changed between the build and the minor upgrade build. Changing the product version didn't make a difference. If I don't use an upgrade item none of the ASP.NET content files are updated upon upgrading. Can anyone help?

To re-create the problem:
1) Create a new VS.NET solution with an ASP.NET web application.
2) Add an InstallScript MSI project to the solution.
3) Add content output from the ASP.NET app to the InstallScript MSI project.
4) Build and save the build to a different directory.
5) Add an Minor Upgrade Item pointing to the previous build.
6) Rebuild.

You should be seing Val0006 errors. How can this be fixed?