View Full Version : Standard Project Feature Event Order

10-29-2003, 09:16 AM
I'd like to be able to execute another script function inbetween the features being installed. Unfortunately, the interaction between Windows Installer and InstallScript doesn't seem to support this.

I have several features. For each feature I define both an oninstalling and oninstalled event. When running the install:

1) all of the oninstalling events occur
2) all features are installed
3) all of the oninstalled events occur

What I'd want and expect to see is
1) oninstalling event occurs for feature 1
2) feature 1 is installed
3) oninstalled event occurs for feature 1
4) oninstalling event occurs for feature 2
.... and so on

I also tried using FeatureMoveData which almost works. Two problems occured. The reset mechanism of passing a "" as the first parameter between successive calls always returns -1 (which may be ok). After I'm done, the FeatureTransferData is automatically called but I don't want it to be. When it is, a 1603 error is generated.

Any ideas on getting control between features being installed or preventing FeatureTransferData from being called after the "First UI Before" event?