View Full Version : System hangs when launching MS Security Patch q828750.exe

10-28-2003, 02:32 PM
We have recently added the installation of Microsoft's Windows XP Security Patch to address the Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-040 ("Cumulative Patch for Internet Explorer 828750") to our InstallShield v5.1-built application installation. I cannot find any documentation on MSDN for deploying this Patch installation, other than the instructions to run this executable.

When this executble is run directly (and not through an InstallShield script) on a Windows XP system, the patch installation proceeds. However, at least on some Windows XP systems, using LaunchAppAndWait("q828750.exe", "", WAIT) will start the executable, but lock up the system. (Note that in our actual script, the path of the executable is included in the first argument passed to LaunchAppAndWait().)

Does anyone have any suggestions?