View Full Version : Multi choice + Multi Name + Add/Remove

10-23-2003, 07:24 AM
Hi !

I have an application Client/Server.

1- Client : Install 7 files under client\bin.
2- Server: Install 7 files under server\bin.

Client can be install on server.

Here is the feature : 1- Client, 2- Server

Files are : [INSTALLDIR] directly...

Problems :
1- Want to happend a the end of the product name, the feature install (Client or Server).

2- If I'm able to change the product name, I'll be able to change the product name installed, I suppose that I'll be able to install files under Client and Server at the same machine. Isn't it ?

3- That would be the same thing for Add/Remove program. Isn't it ?

Thank you !