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10-22-2003, 04:33 AM
In the DevStudio help there is a topic on Command line tools batch file example .There it is given that "To automatically create a batch file for compiling and building a media, you can select the media in the Media pane, then select the Build menu's Export (Build) Batch File command."

But , I have not find the option given to create a batch file.Where is the option to create a Export batch file.

Is the Isbuild.exe is the only way to build the media from command line.

10-22-2003, 08:59 AM
In DevStudio, you can use IsCmdBld.exe to rebuild a project; please see the DevStudio help page "Building Installations from the Command Line" for more information and examples.

10-24-2003, 07:47 AM
We are evaluating InstallShield DevStudio 9. The developer has used the wizard to build an installscript project. I will be doing the "clean build". The evaluation package did not come with the Standalone build (build.msi), so I am asking this question. For a standalone build, if the developer gives me the setup.rul and .ism file and I then run ISCmdBld.exe with the .ism file as the -p input will this compile the setup.rul and then rebuild the installscript install package? The online documentation talks about ISCmdBld.exe mainly in terms of building a Windows Installer project. It says to use ISBuild.exe to build an InstallScript project. However, ISBuild documentation says it converts the .ipr file to an ism and then call ISCmdBld.exe. The developer does not have a .ipr file, only a .ism file. I brought up the .ism file with a text editor and could see where it referenced the setup.rul and also the paths to where all the deliverable files that needed to go into the package are.

10-24-2003, 12:09 PM

IsCmdBld.exe works for both InstallScript and MSI project types. The help text is a little confusing when it says to use ISBuild.exe for InstallScript project types. It should really say that ISBuild.exe is provided for legacy projects.

ISBuild.exe will work with both IPR and ISM files (InstallScript project type only). The help text should just say that if an IPR is specified, it'll automatically be upgraded to an ISM before doing the build.

Please note that ISBuild.exe only builds the media. It doesn't compile the script.

Bottom line: For your case, you should just use IsCmdBld.exe for normal command line builds and IsSaBld.exe for standalone builds.


04-29-2005, 04:32 AM
The help is very confusing.When I read it I understood for IScript projects I am able to use only ISBuild.exe and not IsCmdBld.exe.
So I tried to use ISBuild.exe and I noticed I need also to compile the project using Compile.exe as ISBuild.exe doesn't perform the compilation as IsCmdBld.exe.
And I had a lot of problems with the compilation...I was lucky to find this post and now I am using IsCmdBld.exe for my Iscript projects,no compilation needed,everything is ok.
In IShield Help should be written as u did:
IsCmdBld.exe works for both InstallScript and MSI project types.
For standalone builds (either InstallScript or MSI projects)should be used IsSaBld.exe .