View Full Version : 3 minor upgrade problems

10-21-2003, 12:46 PM
1) SQLInt32.dll gets removed when the upgrade is run. This file is part of the BDE Merge Module. I have set REINSTALLMODE=avoums so that the upgrade will overwrite all files but this does not solve the problem. (Although it does work on some machines).

2) My original installation writes to a .ini file. At least one section of the .ini file is getting removed when the upgrade is run. In the upgrade code all I do is show the welcome screen, enable STATUSEX, and show the finish screen, that's all.

3) After an upgrade has been run, I go to Add/Remove programs and select my application. I choose to repair or uninstall it but it appears to be running the setup.exe from the previous install. Basically I install Product A, upgrade to A.02, go to add/remove programs and repair or remove and it runs Product A, not A.02 as I would expect.

Anyone have any ideas about any of these?? Thank you very much for any help. Installshield is about finished as far as I am concerned.