View Full Version : Cannot delete folder when installing overtop of a previous version

10-20-2003, 09:35 PM
I am getting an error dialogue popup of the form "Cannot delete <folder>". It appears that when I use a vBuild OCI setup to install a new version overtop of an older version, vBuild is leaving some file handles open. This does not occur if I use a full setup (non-vBuild setup) to install the new version overtop of the old version.

This is what I'm doing:

1. Install the original version in folder A.
2. Install the new version in folder A. To do this, the setup does:
2a. Place the new version files in a tmp folder.
2b. Delete the old version out of folder A.
2c. Move the new version files from the tmp folder to folder A.

During step 2b, I get "Cannot delete <folder>" where <folder> is the root folder of a file group that the setup installs. I get at least one error for each file group.

Using Filemon from Sysinternals I've observed that the setup appears to be opening subfolders of <folder> more often than it is closing them, during the time it is reading all of the files in the old version. Later, during step 2b, Filemon reports a Sharing Violation on the subfolder, and then a "NOT EMPTY" result on the DELETE operation for the <folder>, and then the popup message dialogue appears saying that <folder> cannot be deleted.

I am using vBuild 2.1. Are you aware of this? What can I do to get around this?


10-21-2003, 04:42 AM

I'm not sure I fully understand the process here. So I'd like to verify by asking some questions. First of all, I understand we are talking about end-use install time. When describing the detailed steps of 2 (placing new version files in temp folder, deleting old version files, and move) is this your (quite accurate…) analysis of the InstallShield and RedBend engines behavior, or a knowledge based on some Install Script code you developed? Assuming the former, you are a bit wrong for the best of my knowledge --- no one is deleting the old version out of folder A --- files are simply being added or replaced (again, unless you put some special operation or InstallShield engine is doing something I'm not familiar with.

In general, vBuild is opening folders is A for read-only purposes during the Scout phase. It should open direct files and not folders. Anyway, we did not see such a thing ever. Can you create smaller sample installations to reproduce the problem and send them to me (alon@redbend.com)?

Btw, I assume the error dialog u get is after the expand progress bar is completed and before the Install Files progress bar appears. Can you confirm or elaborate?


10-22-2003, 08:05 AM

The bug has been found and fixed, and will be available in the next service pack (2.2). Date is not known yet. Thanks for detecting this one.