View Full Version : Need Advice for a setup with custom stuff

10-20-2003, 02:17 PM

I'm using DevStudio 9 (InstallShield 9), and I have a basic understanding of IS; I can do simple installers, but not much.

First, I'm not sure what kind of IS Project would be better suited for what I need to do:

1. Install some files (they are not even .exe or .dll)
2. Have a custom IS window with text fields and comboboxes
3. That window will need to call install scripts that will modify
configuration text files installed (#1).
4. Install a virtual web site in IIS.
5. Install a COM+ Component (.dll), but no need to export it;
It would just be the equivalent of registering it, but by putting
it inside COM+ in its own package.

What kind of project should I select ?


Right now, I'm trying to do #2 and #3.
I Started a MSI Basic setup, but Things won't work. My scripts compiled, but I'm running into internal errors at runtime in the setup. I think its because I have no idea how to pass parameters from the window to my scripts. I tried using MSI properties, but that just won't work.

btw, is there examples of a custom window, that would be able to call before showing up my scripts to get default values, then show those values in the controls of that window ? I did not even find an event like... "OnWindowInit" or something like that...

Help, I really need good documentation / tutorials... ;-)