View Full Version : COM Extract at Build, expandable registry values

10-20-2003, 02:11 PM
I use extract a build time in combination with the automation layer. I have problems if the extractor find reg_expand_sz. The registry value name is inserted by the extractor but not the registry value data. The data is empty when the software is installed. If I understood everything correctly then #% should be inserted before an expandale string (%xxx%).
Why is this not done by the extractor?????

I use the automation layer to generate daily a updated install untill the software is released. So, I don't know if there are any expandable strings in the com servers.

How can I solve this. I don't see any ohter way than make all dll's and ocx's self registering.

If someone has anohter solution then self registration, please let me know.

Wil van den Meijdenberg