View Full Version : Fatal Error : Error merging

10-16-2003, 11:06 AM
I think I have the possible solution to this problem.

After some searching I noticed that the Package Code (found
in the Summary Information Stream) was the same for several
of the merge modules that I was trying to merge into a project.

I would assume that this was due to the way that they were
originally built - taking an existing module, saving it with a
new name and updating the contents etc. to create a new
module, but critically, not updating the Package Code.
Hence I had several merge modules with different names and
contents but the same Package Code.

To fix.

1) Rebuild the merge modules after updating the Package Code.

2) Close your project if it is still open.

3) Open the project and go to the Merge Modules View.

4) You will need to relink the modules. The existing links will be
flagged as bad or broken due to the change in the Package code.
i.e. the old version of the module can no longer be found.

5) Rebuild the project.