View Full Version : How to make a backup

10-10-2003, 12:23 PM
I used InstallShield Professional 6.3 about 18 months ago to create an installation executable for a program. Now that it's 18 months later, I am doing other things and have another person that is now responsible for creating an InstallShield installation executable for the updated version of our program.

I have the InstallShield files on my system for the last installation executable creation 18 months ago. My question is how do I forward the appropriate files to the person now assigned to create the new installation executable for the updated version of our program?

I was hoping to see a "Backup" and "Restore" functionality so that I could backup my copy of the installation executable, and the new guy could restore it on his system before making any new changes that are needed. I don't see this option and would appreciate any help in terms of what I need to do to get the files transferred and operational to this other individual with minimal pain-in-the-butt.