View Full Version : Skins on VGA

10-09-2003, 07:15 AM
The use of skins in DS9 requires the base dialogs to be a particular size. That size is larger than the smallest possible (or likely) Windows screen size (which I assume is 640*480*16 colours) and a skin will not display correctly on this size of screen.

I have added some code to my screen initialisation function to disable the use of the skin if the screen is too small, but this simply drops back to the "blank" skin-size dialog. The Back, Next, and Cancel/Finish buttons are off the bottom of the screen.

I can see that this would be help to get skins working with the dialog editor in DS9, but it seems to be a bit over-restricting. Wouldn't it be/have been better to use a slightly smaller base dialog that was completely visible with the skin disabled?

Does anyone have any suggestions about this?