View Full Version : Dialogless installations

10-08-2003, 04:16 AM

I'm a totally new user of InstallShield, and a little unsure of whether this should be posted here or in the DemoShield forum, so apologies if this is an inappropriate question.

I'm trying to create a launcher/installer for a computer game that is required to model the in-game GUI as closely as possible. I can implement the launcher section full screen in DemoShield fine and dandy, and link an "Install" button to my InstallShield project, but this means that the standard Windows dialog boxes that InstallShield uses pop up over the top of the DemoShield screen. What I'm after doing is providing an SdAskDestPath style dialog and install progress bar embedded within the launcher program. My problem being that InstallShield doesn't seem to do DemoShield style dialogless interfaces, while DemoShield doesn't seem to be able to interface with InstallShield in this way. The only solution I can come up with given my limited knowledge is to use DemoShield for the launcher, fire up InstallShield when the "Install" option is selected, then skin the destination path and install progress dialogs to make their backgrounds transparent, and draw them over the top of the DemoShield background so that they look like they're part of the same window. If I understand correctly, this will require upgrading InstallShield to version 7. Is this correct? Also, there will almost certainly be issues with the user alt-tabbing between DemoShield, InstallShield, and any other apps that are running. Could anything be done about this? Is there a better way?