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10-06-2003, 08:37 AM
Let me explain.

My InstallShield project is called RAMUSII. I have my project save in C:\My Installations\RAMUSII. This folder contains my RAMUSII.ipr file and other subfolders. I also have another folder called C:\RAMUSIICD. THIS folder contains my build media files, which I use to copy to a CD-R.

Now I have to do a full install of Win 2K on my machine which means that my hard drive has to be "slicked" or erased (company policy).

My question is what files and folder to I need to save to a network or CD so that when I re install Installshield and copy over my RAMUSII project files and build files to my machine, after the Win 2K load, I won't corrupt my RAMUSII project or media build files?

Is it important to save registry settings, if so, which ones do I save and where are they located?

Please help me. I have to do this Win 2K install, not upgrade and I don't want to corrupt my InstallShield project.

10-08-2003, 06:32 AM
Let me explain what I understood from your question.
1. You have a Install Shield project on your machine. (RamusII)
2. Now you want to install win2K.
3.You want to take a back up of this project so that after installation of Win2K you can work with the same project.

If my understanding is correct just follow the following procedure.

1. Take a backup of the C:\My Installations\RAMUSII folder.
2. You need not take any back up for the media files.
3. Install your windows 2k
4. Install Install Shield
5. Copy back the above project
6. Open Install Shield
7. Open the above project work space
8. Build Media
9. It creates all the media files

All the Best