View Full Version : Please Help!!! I need immediate help!!

10-06-2003, 08:12 AM
Let me explain.

My InstallShield project is called RAMUSII. I have my project save in C:\My Installations\RAMUSII. This folder contains my RAMUSII.ipr file and other subfolders. I also have another folder called C:\RAMUSIICD. THIS folder contains my build media files, which I use to copy to a CD-R.

Now I have to do a full install of Win 2K on my machine which means that my hard drive has to be "slicked" or erased (company policy).

My question is what files and folder to I need to save to a network or CD so that when I re install Installshield and copy over my RAMUSII project files and build files to my machine, after the Win 2K load, I won't corrupt my RAMUSII project or media build files?

Is it important to save registry settings, if so, which ones do I save and where are they located?

Please help me. I have to do this Win 2K install, not upgrade and I don't want to corrupt my InstallShield project.