View Full Version : Unwanted installation of MFC42LOC from the MFC6.2 Runtime Object

10-01-2003, 10:22 AM
Hi All,

My setup installs the MFC 6.2 Runtime Object.
The setup includes >20 languages.
The Language Dialog is not enabled, so we rely on IS automatic selection of which language to run in.

We have found that MFC42LOC.DLL is being installed regardless of need. e.g. It gets installed even on an English PC and causes some standard Windows dialogs to come up in the wrong language.

I believe the cause of this may be indicated by the following extract from the MFC 6.2 Runtime Object help:

"Localized files are installed based on selected language (not the OS language). So if you have a multi-language install with a language dialog, the localized version of Mfc42loc.dll installed will be based on the language the user selected."

Is the unwanted installation of MFC42LOC caused by the absence of the language dialog in our setup?

How can I emulate the behaviour of the dialog so that the correct things are set up to prevent this unwanted installation of MFC42LOC?

Please help.