View Full Version : Deploying 6.3 projects through SMS

Robert Martin
09-17-2003, 03:22 PM
Our deployment methodology includes the use of SMS to deliver inhouse developed systems packaged in InstallShield to our users. This method had been successful for a number of years using Professional 5.1 projects delivered across a mixed Windows NT and XP environment. Our upgrade to Professional 6.3 seems to have created problems with this methodololgy that we have not been able to resolve. When our Network Services technicians attempt to deliver their SMS "push package" as they have done in the past, SMS reports back that there was success but the program is not installed on either NT or XP user machines. Is there something in the setup that I need to select other than just taking the defaults that can help resolve this problem or is there some other incompatibility between 6.3 and SMS that I'm not aware of?

Thanks for your support,