View Full Version : Multiple Download Server Support?

09-02-2003, 10:04 PM
Can ISUS be configured to utilize more than one update server (e.g. based on the client's location on a WAN) without publishing multiple messages targeted at workstations in a particular part of the WAN? For example, workstations on one campus would retrieve updates from a file server on their campus while workstations on another campus would retrieve the same updates from a web server on their campus.

Is there any way to configure a backup 'download' server from which the client workstations could retrieve an update in the event of a communications/hardware/etc failure on the primary download server?



Chris Woerner
09-03-2003, 03:53 PM
Based on your message, I think you may already understand your options, but I will explain just in case....

1. If you want to distribute updates from different locations (based on campus), you can do this using update conditions. But as you mentioned, this does require different messages. There is no automated routing based on IP or other criteria. But if you have suggestions for how this could work, I would love to hear them.

2. If you want to have multiple download servers for redundancy, most customers do this via software or hardware load balancing. They use one download URL which would hit one to many download servers. If one server goes out, users would not be affected. We use this same method here at InstallShield to load balance our notification servers.