View Full Version : FindAllDirs not working correclty with Windows 2000

09-02-2003, 08:16 AM

FindAllDirs function is not working correctly with windows 2000.

Only able to list few directories. All directories do have access.

Please can anyone help me or give me any workaround. It works OK with windows 95, NT etc. but problem with win 2000 and above.

Just to give you some idea, here is a my code.

listDrv = ListCreate(STRINGLIST);
GetValidDrivesList (listDrv, FIXED_DRIVE, -1);
nResult = ListGetFirstString (listDrv, svDrv);

while (nResult != END_OF_LIST)
svTarget = svDrv+":\\"; /* say C:\ */

listDirs = ListCreate(STRINGLIST);
nResult1 = FindAllDirs(svTarget,INCLUDE_SUBDIR, listDirs);

/* nResult1 ALWAYS COMES AS -1 WITH Win 2000 */
ListDestroy (listDirs);
nResult = ListGetNextString (listDrv, svDrv);

02-06-2004, 09:35 PM
I appreciate that your query was some time ago, however if anyone is looking at this, the answer can be found in thread 264086.