View Full Version : Device Driver Installation....on winodws 98

08-28-2003, 02:24 AM
hi all:
I used a setupApi CopyOEMInf to install my device driver.
Usually,It success to install in 2000,XP,98 and Me.

But,I found a bug in windows 98....

pulg-in my USB device before driver installation.

then os pop up "Found new device"

un-plug device...

install drivers into windows98

pulg-in device,It alwayse pop up "Found new device" can't know driver already installed.

then reboot system.....
after rebooting,plug in device,It install success.

Why??It is a windows 98's bug?
If I nerver plug-in device before install drvier,
it knows driver is installed when device plug in.