View Full Version : upgrades and preprocessor definitions

08-27-2003, 07:53 AM
I'm working on a product that has a demo version and a full version, the installers for which share an installshiled pro project. To distinguish between each build, I use a preprocessor variable from which I can detect which kit the user is running (demo vs full). I also choose to include or not include certain components for each build.

This all works fine, apart from the following scenario:

- the user installs the demo version using the demo kit
- the user then installs the full version by running the full kit, and then doing an upgrade
- the user then uses add/remove programs to attempt an uninstall, however the scripts still see the kit as the demo one based upon the preprocessor variable, which has not been upgraded by the full installer.

So basically, when I do the upgrade install, it appears that the add/remove programs version of the kit is NOT updated to be the new one. Is there any way around this? I am an installshiled pro newbie, so may of course be doing this completely the wrong way.