View Full Version : Interrogating components during repair

08-19-2003, 03:47 PM
I need to determine the components that will be repaired during maintenance mode. Any ideas?

For example, say I have two components: "Program Files" and "Help Files". The user installs only "Program Files". Is there a way that I can determine that only the "Program Files" component will be repaired in the OnMaintUIBefore() event handler?


08-19-2003, 04:12 PM
I think I figured one way to do it.

I added global variables for each component and initialized each to FALSE. Then, I added an "Installing" event for each component. I set the flag for each component to TRUE during the "Installing" event. On weakness is that all my processing must occur after the data has been moved over. But, this is OK in my case.


08-19-2003, 11:36 PM
You can try the following:
OnMaintUIBefire event call the following function:
ComponentIsItemSelected (szComponentSource, szComponent);

This will let you know if the component is installed

Niran Bhimaiah