View Full Version : Driver rollback feature in Device Manager does not work as expected

08-04-2003, 12:25 PM
Hi there,

I work at a company that makes device drivers and we have had complaints from laptop OEM's that the driver rollback feature in the device manager always rolls back to the default Microsoft driver.
After looking into this issue for 2 weeks now, and even opening a support call with Microsoft we have had no luck in finding a solution. Microsoft suggested that the issue may be with InstallShield since .inf installations work correctly (the driver rolls back to the previously installed driver).
One OEM that we work with stated that another customer of theirs was able to fix this problem by hiding the copy files dialog during installation. I tried this approach but it did not fix the issue. Does anyone know of any support in InstallShield that will make this driver rollback feature work, or something that would cause it not to work.
Thanks for any help.

- Ryan Kirby
Synaptics Inc.