View Full Version : Update service robustness?

SamiV, Remedy
06-20-2003, 07:16 PM
Can any users here shed any light on the general robustness of the Update Service?

Eg, amount of end users and amount of support calls related to your own software vs. the update service etc. I will be looking at around 0.5 to 2M users (however probably no more than 1k at the same hour) - I'm working for a game development company. Obviously I'm not interested in spending time at a solution that will cost more support time than the actual problems.

I've been previously fairly sceptic on the service since the "agent.exe" tends to crash on my two IS 7 Pro workstations (which are very stabile workstations, eg, they don't get messed up with HW or SW updates, but they are behind a company firewall etc). And IS7 is so far the only software I've ran into using the agent.exe, so... :)


06-27-2003, 04:59 AM
We have much less users than you expect (only about 6000). But the service seems to be stable and quick-responding. But there are a few things that make us re-evaluate the product and probably implement our own service for certain critical applications:
The language: we live in the netherlands an there are enough people who do not understand English.
Security: we want to have the user enter his login and password in the application and then confirm them automatically for downloading updates and all next updates. Now it is not possible to send someone's credentials (like email) to the UpdateService automatically. You can do some tricks with the registry to check if someone HAS registered (by setting a reg-key) but you won't get the value for a key. Of course some thing cannot because users don't want their credentials sent, but IS is not giving the option to alter this behaviour.
The stats: the added reports are nice but very unspecific. We want more reporting data and that's just not available.

IS claims some of these items are on their wish-list, but it is unclear when they're done, some of them are on the list for over a year.

But as stated first, the service seems to bereliable and quick-responding, i have not seen many down-hours.

Regars, Hugo