View Full Version : Server Testing (2003-06-07 & 2003-06-08)

06-07-2003, 10:31 AM
I'm modifying server parameters on and off this morning in an attempt to see whether I can squeeze any more performance out or if we need to look at hardware upgrades. Web server tuning is probably going to be more important as that appears to be a bottleneck, but I'm starting here...

This means that the site will seem to be up & down through today, and may throw error messages seemingly randomly for the day. My apologies, but I figured that the best time is a weekend when the traffic is relatively slow.


06-08-2003, 12:43 PM
Once again, I apologize to all those who had their Saturday & Sunday browsing made less fun by the work this weekend. I've tweaked the database with new table handlers, a new index or two, and refined memory usage specs. In my testing after turning it back on, it just feels faster...however, that will be determined during the week during the heavy load times.

For those who have noticed occasions where performance grinds to a halt, you should no longer see those instances. (though I will be speaking with our network operations about server sizing for the number of concurrent connections we experience from time to time)

If you notice that performance has improved or you feel that performance has degraded, please send me an email at: iscommunity AT installshield DOT com (you know the substitutions to make in my email address :> ) I am exceedingly busy on two internal projects, so I will most likely not reply to your mail, but rest assured that I will read it as my time permits.


Please note: I am not a member of InstallShield Technical Support and do not have the necessary knowledge to troubleshoot problems with IS products. Please do not send me support requests.