View Full Version : Uninstall does not remove installed directories

06-04-2003, 04:04 AM
I get an odd thing:
I install my product (very simple installation) without any errors or exceptions.
When I run the uninstall, the uninstaller runs without any errors or exceptions (empty logs) but it only removes the _uninst and _jvm directorys.
Note - there is no special property for the Files beans. and I tried changing from external to internal resource location.

Any clues??:confused: :confused:

06-04-2003, 09:27 AM
Try installing to a different directory. Do the files get uninstalled from the new directory? If so, you may have a corrupted vpd.properties file. vpd.properties is put in the Windows directory on Win32 systems, and in the home directory on unix systems. You can either delete this file, or, if you like, rename it to something else and try installing again.