View Full Version : JVM Resolution problems.

06-03-2003, 08:00 AM
I believe I'm following all the docs, however I can't seem to get the JVM Resolution bean to find the jvm that the installer auto-installs in _jvm (by default). It always tries to overwrite this directory. My solution was deleting the _jvm dir and having the JVM Resolution bean default to _jre instead. This is an unnecesary step, I want the JVM Resolution to work properly.

Also, I need to search for 1.4.1_02, nothing earlier will support my product correctly, but there's no option to search for that JVM only. What do I need to download to add this functionality?

any and all help would b appreciated..

06-03-2003, 12:53 PM
To prevent this from occuring, delete the JVM resolution bean from your project. Instead, use the uninstaller JVM resolution. It sounds as if the uninstaller JVM resolution is already configured for your project, so you simply need to delete any JVM resolution beans in your project.

If your application only works with 1.4.1_02, then I would recommend that you bundle this JVM with your installer. Also you can create your own custom search instruction by modifying the existing 1.4.x JVM search instruction which exists in the <MultiPlatform home>/jvms directory. First change the name of the JVM file. After doing this, open the file in a text editor and change the "DESC:" to reflect the name of the search instruction that you wish to display in the IDE. Lastly, under "JVM_PROPERTIES", set "java.version=1.4.1_02"

06-04-2003, 09:49 AM
I think what solved the problem was adding the search for the 1.4.1_02 jvm (ie. modifying the 1.4x file).. Now it acts appropriately (installs the jvm if no appropriate one is found).
I didnt see any JVM Resolution bean in the uninstaller tree, and I looked at all the uninstaller settings and didnt find any secret uninstaller jvm resolver, so I assume it was just some other problem that has ceased to bother me with the inclusion of the necesary file.

Thank you.