View Full Version : (Suite Install) Uninstall problem - products/feature not in feature panel

05-21-2003, 05:19 PM
This is a problem I encountered after setting my conditions on a products with immutable = true. I need to do this so that the user will not see products they are not licensed for.

What happens is during the install I check a user entered value (license #) to validate what products they can install - this works perfectly, those that are not validated do not appear in the feature panel.

However, during an uninstall none of my products show up in the feature panel.

I do not want to prompt the user to enter their license during an uninstall, so that information is not available to the condition check (i think?)

If this is correct, how can I persist the license info into the uninstaller? I have looked at Document ID: Q105209.

But as always, I am sure this is something that is just not documented well or I missed it somewhere, so if there is an easier way I would love to hear it