View Full Version : Single-installer suite, uninstall problem

05-21-2003, 03:12 PM
Hi there,

I'm running into this problem and am wondering if anyone had seen it and could give me some insights.

Currently, I have a single-installer suite. In there, let's say I have 3 products: A, B and C. I can pick and choose any of these products at the same time and they can be installed and then uninstalled fine.

But here's the catch. If the first time around, I choose product A, let's say, and the target directory is C:\temp\test1. As predicted, the files are copied there and the _uninst directory is created there. Add/Remove panel will see that there is one product which is product A installed for this suite - everything is great. But now, the second time around, if I choose to install product B, let's say, and the target directory is C:\temp\test2. Now, the files are copied in C:\temp\test2 and the _uninst directory is created there too. Therefore, the Add/Remove panel now would only see the product B installed in this suite. I'm expecting that the Add/Remove panel will see 2 products installed for this suite. Would anyone know how to solve this?

Note that if I chose the target directory when installing product B to be the same directory as when installing product A, the Add/Remove panel would recognize that there are 2 products already installed for this suite.

Greatly appreciated.