View Full Version : Setting active state for projects in suite install

05-20-2003, 05:45 PM
According to the documentation this is possible, but I have run into the following problem:

1) I have a Suite Install with several static product references - one of which has a feature bean name of: VistaCoreInstallerBean_VistaFeatureBean

2) I have a "SetProductBeanProperty" action that sets the "active" proeprty of the "VistaCoreInstallerBean_VistaFeatureBean"
to "false"

3) I follow that with a "ReadmePanel" that displays the value set in #2

4) I have a "SetupTypes" for Custom and Typical.

The issue - when I get to the tree that lists everything that should be installed I expect the "active" property of the reference bean to be false. The ReadmePanel does in fact display the "active" property as false.

However, if I select "Custom" and go to the install tree the product is active again. In addition, if I deselect the product and go back to the ReadmePanel it confirms that "active" is set to "false" - but if I go back to the install tree it is now selected again.

What is happening here?