View Full Version : Launching another installer from within my installation

05-15-2003, 07:26 PM
I want to launch another installer from within my installation.

During an installation of my ISMP built package, I do a check if
$P(beanId.active) = 'true' (ie my beanId feature was selected)
and if it is, I want to install another ISMP built package. Right now
I use an 'Exec Wizard Action' under the 'Installer' tab and this
works fine. However, when the 2nd package loads it needs to
search a 2nd time for the jvm.

After going throught the SampleProject tutorial and learning how
to create a Java Launcher as they do for the DiskSplitter feature,
I'm wondering if I could do something similar for my 2nd package.

As they do for DiskSplitter, I create a Launcher under the Product
tab but, I don't know what to enter for Main Class, Main Class
Arguments, and Class Path. My idea is to create a launcher for
my 2nd package and then call it from an Exec Wizard Action.

Am I going down the wrong road here? I'm a Java Newbie. Is
there another way to do this? I don't want to combine the 2
packages into one single package and I don't want to create
a suite package either.