View Full Version : Add files to installation CD

05-15-2003, 10:10 AM
I'm sure the guys and gals using InstallShield regulary could show me how to do this in 30 seconds flat....

Having been out of programming for the best part of 3 years I need to know how one addes some files and sub-directories to a project for distribution. I can know how to add a File Group and a series of static files to that group, but when I build the distribution media they are not included?

The bottom line is that I am doing a BDE 5 Release for use with my Delphi application but I want to in clude the following directories with sub-directories and files. I have read the on-line manuals but they do not provide a step by step guide on the process and so it is unclear to me.

Can anyone provide me with a few simply steps to do what I want? - Many thanks in advance,