View Full Version : An error occurred parsing the project.

05-07-2003, 12:59 PM
I have been running into a new problem where after adding a custom bean to my project, and attempting to build the project, the build failed due to an error parsing the project (so ISMP says).
I saved my work, and exited to return at a later point in time to attempt to fix this. Now, whenever I attempt to open the project, *that* operation fails too with the following message:

An error occurred parsing the project. (com.jxml.quick.QPE: java.lang.NoSuchMethodException)

The problem, apart from the above, is that there is something wrong with this bean I added (no idea what), and ISMP 5 isn't able to handle this well by just flagging the bean or something like that. I find the current behavior unacceptable, as it effectively prevents me from continuing my work.

The last time I saw this, the mistake I made was that I had modified a ISMP 5 sample bean without changing the package path. This is not the what is occuring anymore. So, I would appreciate any help with this (suggestions about what to look for etc), as I cannot provide the code here.

I would especially appreciate it if the developers at InstallShield took this hint and found a more usable way of dealing with errors.
And while I'm talking about issues, I sure wish the current way of dealing with build errors was more verbose as well.

thanks for your help,