View Full Version : Problem-UnInstall Folder directly from Start/Program Menu

05-07-2003, 12:21 AM
Hello everybody,

I am using InstallShield Professional 6.2. I am new to InstallShield.

I have no problem in installing folders under Start/Program Menu of my computer. I have created folders using Shortcut of Resource Pane.

When I run self-extracting Setup.exe, it installs all folders correctly under Start/Programs Menu.
The destination Path of this is: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\MY FOLDER(which Setup.exe creates).

Tree Structure is like this:
/Start /Programs /My Folder /Folder a/a.exe

/Start/Programs /My Folder /Folder a /b.exe

/Start/Programs /My Folder/Folder b/c.exe

/Start/Programs/My Folder/Folder b/d.exe

/Start/Programs /My Folder/UnInstall My Folder

This is the tree structure which user can see (after running setup.exe) in their Start/Programs Menu. I have created above full thing using ShortCut.

Now My PROBLEM IS that: I want to give this utility to user,---- when user clicks on "UnInstll My Folder", this will UnInstall "My Folder" from everywhere.

Please suggest me how i can do that. Can I do this using ShortCut. Please write me the steps.