View Full Version : JVM Resolution for installer and uninstaller launchers: BUG?

04-01-2003, 03:37 PM
I've created a typical installation project for the windows platform. It's a simple installation which does not include any files. I'm testing the installer and uninstaller launcher behavior.

For the installer launcher, I've specified the following settings:

Filename: setup.exe
JVM Search Instruction: Java 1.4x
Bundled JVM: A valid JVM

For the uninstaller JVM resolution, I've specified the following settings:

Install location: _jvm
Use Installed JVM: False
Active: True
Resolve on Reinstalls: True
JVM Search Instructions: Java 1.4x
JVM Resolution: Search, Current, Install
Bundled JVM: A valid JVM
Use Current JVM: False

When installed on a machine without a valid JVM, the installer first unpacks the bundled JVM in a temporary location, uses it for the installation, and copies it to the "_jvm" directory before creating the uninstaller.

If I run the INSTALLER, then delete the "_jvm" directory, and then try to run the UNINSTALLER, an error message is displayed stating that a valid JVM could not be found.

QUESTION: Since the uninstaller JVM resolution includes a search instruction, why doesn't the uninstaller search for a JVM when a JVM is not found in the install location?