View Full Version : "update" installation rules

03-31-2003, 02:54 PM
I am looking through the docs and I want to do an "Update" installation. Can someone clarify one of the listed rules? The docs state that:

"When updating an installation that was originally constructed with an earlier release of InstallShield MultiPlatform, it is necessary to first create and install a full "update" installation using the current release. This ensures that all of the necessary classes for the uninstallation (and any subsequent "patch" installs) are upgraded to the current versions, and that no class conflicts will ensue."

My question is - What is a full "update" installation ? I have a number of files / actions that I don't want installed/run during the update. I am unclear what this means.

The rules also state that all features / components that are to be changed must be in the same sequence. Does this mean that I can remove features / components? Can I change what was in a file bean (change from installing a directory full of files to installing a single file?).

Thanks for any help.