View Full Version : Purging users database

03-11-2003, 07:08 PM
Given that there are 3000 unique users accessed the update service web page, and 2000 users decide to uninstall the software 3 months after their last access to the update service (i.e. they will no longer use the update service). Will update service still think that there are 3000 registered clients? It would make more sense to drop the users who are inactive, let say for one year.

Chris Woerner
03-12-2003, 08:22 AM
Users are effectively dropped after a certain time. Let me explain. The ISUS reporting accumulates unique users in serveral buckets...

Your License Period

As the timeperiod ends for a bucket, the bucket is cleared and starts at zero. For example, the YTD bucket clears on January 1st meaning you have zero users YTD. Your License bucket works the same way. It get cleared on your renewal date.

So if you have 3000 users uninstall your product, they will only count against your current license period.